Yomee Yogurt Maker – Makes 2 Servings of Yogurt At Home for Only $2 a Pod

Yomee Yogurt Maker 1

Yomee is a modest home appliance that uses the same countertop space as a big Thermos bottle, which means you should have no trouble getting an area for it in the kitchen space. To put it to use, just put in your much-loved milk in the provided cup, put it back on the device right under the blending rod, and then drop in a Yomee pod into the compartment at the top. From that point, you select the yogurt type with the app and have it working. It will take six hours for the gadget to essentially mix and cool the yogurt.

Throughout those six hours, the equipment will begin the heating system and be mixing the milk for 15 minutes; then it cools it to 46 degrees Celsius. The device then takes the stuff of the pod into the milk, mixes it, and incubates it a degree until the six hours is completed. In case you’re not home to feed on the yogurt by this time, the device will keep the yogurt cooled for about 48 hours. The pod, incidentally, is made to dissipate, so there’s practically nothing to throw to the garbage.

Each Yomee pod has their exclusive blend of rice starch, organic active bacteria cultures, and condiments for the yogurt. The mixture is compact; therefore you will have to consume the whole thing. One pod will make 10 oz of yogurt, which is equal to two regular servings. They already have both dairy and non-dairy pods, as you may know, for vegetarians and lactose-intolerant people who still want to delight in their yogurt.


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