Whitefox Snowmobile

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Whitefox Snowmobile will serve as your modern sleigh on any snowy terrain. A snowmobile especially designed to keep you safe while traveling through different contours of the road on moderate cold weather or even the heaviest of blizzards. In earlier years, a Canadian Engineer Charles Bombardier initiated a project from Bombardier Recreational Products that led to the development of its side-by-side snowmobile, Ski-Doo ELITE. In attempts to make an extended version of Ski-Doo ELITE, Bombardier came up with an idea which he then called the Whitefox Concept.

Whitefox Snowmobile is the Whitefox Concept model that meant to change snowmobiling experience. This concept would be realized with 165 horsepower Rotax engine, 4 heated seats for a comfortable ride, and a rack for snowboard and skis. Not only does it travel through snow but also on asphalt road surfaces and is equipped with pop-up wheels intended to replace the skis on it.

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