Watts Giant Battery

Watts Giant Battery

Just like Tesla’s Powerwall, the Watts is a massive battery hailed as a personal power cell. The firm remarks on its website that you can make a “personal power plant from any accessible energy source” with Watts. Just attach the outlet, press the ‘on’ button, and begin producing the electricity you require to power your house.

You can stack as many Watts as you want based on how much energy you need. If you only want to power a PC or a fridge, you only need a single Watts cell. However, if you wish to run more appliances, you may get a few cells, set them together, and supply enough energy to make your TVs and washing machines running.

Each Watts component comes accompanied by all needed pieces of a power supply system and does not need customers to purchase any extra bells or whistles. The modular device also offers to be maintenance-free and in set up to be ready out of the box. The lifetime of Watts is reported to be more than ten years.

The battery includes a mobile app that permits you to control your power source system, take a look at current statistics about the work of just about all the components on your power grid, etc.