Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie Covers Your Face

Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie Close Hood 1

Built with a hood that can zip entirely shut, this hoodie lets you conceal your whole face like a mask in a flash. It lets you avoid any scenario at a moment’s notice. Best of all, it has a sun shield made from a breathable netting that is intended so that you can easily see out while absolutely no can see in.

The Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie offers people a way to get a quick nap on the run, enabling them to shut out the majority of light and help you rest free from outer interruptions. Vollebak claims that pink shade of the visor is a soothing and tranquilizing shade which, they assume, can help ease you into slumber whenever you want it.

Features include a covered but breathable material, wind-resistant design, 2 sling pockets, a built-in chest pocket, and inner cable channels. It is available in 3 colors with the pink visor along with a blacked-out type with a complementing black visor.

Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie Close Hood 2

Vollebak Relaxation Hoodie Close Hood 3