Vollebak Glow In the Dark Jacket

Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket 1

A glow-in-the-dark jacket, the outfit uses the form of a modest gray coat when used broad daylight, appearing same as what you’ll usually find people putting on on cooler days. At night, though, the jacket won’t simply glow at supported spots. Rather, the entire thing glows in the same shade as Slimer from Ghostbusters.

The Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket boasts a three-layer fabric bearing a waterproof covering that has a phosphorescent mixture. It provides it the power to soak up and keep light, much like the glow-in-the-dark products. When used daylight, it soaks up the light from the sunlight and holds it into the fabric, which it instantly generates when you go to darker surroundings.

It can store around 12 hours’ quantity of light, incidentally, so that you can move around pretending to be Slimer until morning hours. In the event you forget to wear it out previously in the day, you may also “charge” the material using any artificial light, regardless of whether it’s the light bulb on the ceiling, the car headlights on the automobile, or the flashlight in your pocket. Once drained of saved light, the sweater starts vanishing to a silvery green before switching over to its normal grayish white-colored condition.

Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket 2

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