USB Powered Sniper Rifle BB Gun


In case you’re planning to bring some chaos in the workplace, the USB Powered BB Sniper Rifle will be the perfect item you must have at your workdesk. Don’t worry, it won’t harm your officemates. It will only annoy the hell out of them.

You may not be in a position to bring your own personal Airsoft gun into the office, but you can carry this little, pellet-firing sniper weapon to your workspace. Driven by a regular USB outlet, the mini-gun can shoot plastic BBs towards your foes, and has even already been packed with a tiny camera nested on top the barrel of the gun that shows your target on the display of your PC for accurate shots, each time. Even though it won’t injure your colleagues, it will help keep you busy throughout those long and boring work days.

USB Powered Sniper Rifle BB Gun 2