Urban Leaf Worlds Smallest Garden

Urban Leaf Worlds Smallest Garden 1

Urban Leaf’s World’s Smallest Garden helps you transform any used bottle into a fully functional planter. A round device in the form of a test tube carries a soil-like substrate content with seeds pre-planted. This means you don’t have to mess with actual soil or bother sourcing your seeds. From that point, you just put it into the mouth of a container with water, and you’re ready.

Since the Urban Leaf World’s Smallest Garden is partially submerged, it’s using capillary motion to propel water up to the seed. Once the seed grows, it will drive roots down into the bottle, enabling the plant to get water all by itself. They advise putting the bottles in a spot where the plants might get a good amount of daylight, like windows or decks. After that, all the maintenance you will have to do is check the water supply and refilling it whenever it begins running low. They have 12 plants offered, including mint, basil, kale, bok choi, and lettuce, with some more presently in tests, so the roster should expand in no time.

Urban Leaf Worlds Smallest Garden 2

Urban Leaf Worlds Smallest Garden 3