UBTECH Stormtrooper Robot – Program It to Dance or March with An Army of Other Robots

UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Stormtrooper Robot 1

The First Humanoid Robot Made for the Family. With user-friendly and uncomplicated software and Apps, keeping your robot has become affordable. The first humanoid robot that links thru Bluetooth 4 .0 to your computer Android or iOS. Acquire the free software on UBTECH Robotics internet site to program your robot. You may also download straight from the companies site for some quality copy.

The premium content will include outstanding choices from yoga simulations, exercise moves, and an incredible song selection. Make use of that premium content and perform some of your innovative variations to personalize your robotic motions! The most significant advantage is that you’ll learn how to program a robot to follow your commands. Fortunately, the program is good for beginners and expert users.

The current Alpha 1 Pro, showcases body components that are more robust and resilient, quieter robotic servo engine, removable and replaceable power supply, Bluetooth, improved loudspeaker and emergency stop switch.

UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Stormtrooper Robot 3