The Turtle Rover Is Your Own Mars Rover For Exploring Every Nook of Planet Earth

Turtle Rover 1


At first look, it is nothing extraordinary – just another 4-wheeled robot with an integrated digital camera that you can utilize to investigate your environment using the partner app. Besides, this one’s created for the outdoors, so it is built to drive over hurdles, so you can carry it to the trail for executing robot adventures as you devote the afternoon relaxing by a lake.

The Turtle Rover makes use of fat, knobby tires to quickly ride through outdoor paths, with each one of the wheels independently hanging. And each wheel is driven by another hub motor, as well, so it ought to be able to power through most obstacles it experiences, while the built-in battery allows you to drive it for about 4 hours on one charge, to help you have lots of fun before operating the robot back towards you.

Like any typical rover, it features a robot arm that you may employ to grab any items it sees that piques your interest. The Turtle Rover includes Wi-Fi integrated, which it makes use of to get in touch with the companion application. You can use the app with the rover at ranges of around 220 yards, all while having a 720p live feed of the whole thing its digital camera sees right away.

Turtle Rover 2

Turtle Rover 3


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