The TreePod Camper


TreePod Camper is the next generation hanging treehouse that holds up to a combined weight of 500 pounds. It’s an all-new suspended tent that hangs campers from the ground for an offbeat experience. Designed with two separated access doors making entry and exit more convenient and an optional mesh divider to assure some privacy to keep campers in a comfortably separated room.

Featuring a single point suspension structure, you only need one strong branch or any solid overhead point to get set-up. To prevent the TreePod from swinging, you can anchor the tent from the provided four lines anchor, a lightweight aluminum frame measuring 84 x 54 inches. Nothing quite like camping in a hanging shelter TreePod.  With TreePod Camper you can sleep high and dry away from bumpy, lumpy and muddy ground and other creepy-little-crawlers.