TreePod Cabana – Experience the luxury of a cabana & portability and suspension of a hammock

TreePod Cabana 1

TreePod Cabana is available in the form of a pod made to suspend from beams, tree branches, and similar structures. It is great for grown-ups, so you can install it in the yard as a hammock substitute or carry it camping for an innovative new way to unwind during weekend downtime.

As the original TreePod design utilized a ring on the bottom to produce a large floor area, the TreePod Cabana places the same ring in two spots – one at the bottom and another one at the roof. Meaning, it doesn’t take on a wasteful cone shape like most suspended pods, allowing it to improve the space between the flooring and the ceiling. It is available in two sizes with both versions supporting weights of around 500 lbs.

Only one anchor point is needed to sustain the tent, regardless of whether it be a tree branch, a bolt on the ceiling, or a custom-built stand. The modern design is also secure enough that there’s no reason to anchor it to the floor like the children’s version, so installation should be even less complicated. Up to 3 adults can fit inside the refuge, although they have lifestyle pictures where around 4 people are relaxing inside. Most likely just be sure you don’t surpass the weight limit.



TreePod Cabana 2

TreePod Cabana 3

TreePod Cabana 4