Tree-O Frame Lets You Hang Three Hammocks In Close Proximity

tree o frameHammock enthusiasts normally hang and go camping with their good friends, but it’s usually difficult to find trees where everyone is able to hang close to each other. While piling works, it’s not well suited for when nature calls in the midst of the night, let alone other inconveniences of the vertical setup.Tree-O enables you to hang up to 3 hammocks close to one another. It includes three straps linked to an O-ring. Straps have rings where one can secure hammocks. It is also accustomed to hang just one hammock.

tree o frame 2

To set up, just strap both ends of the framework onto another tree (it doesn’t make a difference the way the trees are spread out), attach the carabiners on your own hammocks onto coils in 2 lines, and you’ve had a set of hanging mattresses awaiting your crew to chill on. Every frame can hold up to 800 pounds, so that you can use bigger hammocks if you prefer a little more folks joining in on the camping fun.

tree o frame 3