Traxedo- Mixed Track Suit and Tuxedo

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The Traxedo is a Mixed Track Suit and Tuxedo which is hardly just a “dress to impress” suit. More than that, it becomes the trend in comfort, style, and originality, any man could have. Who doesn’t want to wear something that comes perfect for any occasion? Either you wear it for a jog or at a formal event, you will certainly look like you belong there!

The Traxedo Mixed Track Suit and Tuxedo is a polyester penguin suit that has having a zip-front jacket and added with a Tuxedo and a Velcro-secured yet removal bow-tie. It has been always available with pants in a tux or Traxedo leg line. The mixed suit is available in various colors such as The Red Dragon, Irishman Green, Dutchman Orange, Bubble Blue, Classic Black, and Flamingo Pink.

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