Top 10 Gifts for the Star Wars Fan

Christmas season is here. Fortunately, you still have lots of time to secure all the gift purchasing and for Star Wars lovers, this is your one-stop shop. With Walt Disney verifying that they are going to be continuing the tale with Star Wars The Force Awakens, you may anticipate the Star Wars gift ideas to keep rolling for a long time. With the number of products influenced by the galaxy, far away, it’s already hard to find the best goods on the market. Discover the perfect Star Wars present for your Jedi brothers with this hand picked Top 10 Gifts for the Star Wars Fan.

1. Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster

This Darth Vader toaster bears all the attributes of a typical toaster, other than the obvious head of Luke’s dad instead of a rectangular box. Also, it browns the Star Wars logo design into your loaf bread.

2. R2D2 USB Car Charger

R2D2 USB Car Charger

The friendly robot pal, R2D2, is capable of doing everything, so it is not strange that he can charge your mobile phone as well! This small fella actually has a revolving head and light up eyes – so you may feel like you are truly cruising the Millennium Falcon.

3. Vans Shoes

Vans Shoes

If the Star Wars fan also loves shoes like Vans original slip-ons. Then this will be a perfect gift with the motion picture poster images as its design. For sure, he will get positive comments on them constantly. There are many Star Wars Vans as well, but this set is my personal favorite.

4. Wampa Rug

Wampa Rug

Now your friend can catch his own Wampa and take him to his home to decorate his bachelor pad. This is a perfect gift for homes or offices who need some new look and feel.

5. Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters

This is a perfect gift for people who loves baking. The most exciting part is the power it brings to your fingers, so that you can color Darth Vader’s head with pink frosting if you wish to!

6. Darth and Storm Trooper Shakers

Darth & Storm Trooper Shakers

Looking for a Star Wars themed dining or kitchen stuff?  These Darth Vader and Storm Trooper salt and pepper shakers are both fun and functional.

7. X-Wing Knife Block

X-Wing Knife Block

An ideal kitchen knife set for all Star Wars fans. An ordinary knife block is way too dull compared to this X-wing knife block! It has 5 knives, bears the logo on the bottom, and is simple to clean.

8. Darth Vader Hoodie

Darth Vader Hoodie

This Star Wars hoodie may not only become a normal sweater, but it is possible to zipper the hood over your face as a Halloween costume. It is also available in Boba Fett along with a stormtrooper design, as well.

9. Yoda Christmas Lights

Yoda Christmas Lights

Want some cool Christmas lights? All these Yoda lights are ideal for that – basically hang up in your video game room, man cave, or perhaps family room if you dare.

10. Wheeled Luggage

Wheeled Luggage

If your greatest fear is losing your baggage, there is no worry with this R2D2 luggage on alloy wheels. Show everyone your love for Star Wars as you travel the universe.