Tinger Track c500 ATV

Tinger Track c500 ATV 1

Referred to as the “golden standard” of Tinger’s ATV range, the brand swaps out the off-roading tires for 500mm-wide tracks, enabling it to ride over awful roads and bust through all kinds of obstacles. From swamps and jungles to snow and muck, the vehicle’s broad tracks and extra-low terrain pressure should guarantee balance wherever you travel, while a wear-resistant armored framework eradicates the potential for abrupt destruction or stretching.

The Tinger Track C500 is driven by a 4-cylinder 68-horsepower engine that lets it to tow loads of about 1,700 pounds. You can also purchase a less-powerful 57-horsepower type. Meaning, it can work as a genuine tractor for the farm, all while letting you transport lots of items during backcountry expeditions. With its fully-waterpoof, temperature-resistant HDPE body, the All terrain vehicle can run across shallow streams and swamps effortlessly, all while striking speeds of around 21 mph when it is on dry terrain.

Tinger Track c500 ATV 2

Tinger Track c500 ATV 3