Throwable Fire Extinguisher Ball

Elide fire-extinguishing balls
Fire extinguishers are bulky, tricky to use, noxious and full of other issues. Fortunately, a Thai firm guarantees to have made the easiest and quickest means to put off fires using the Elide fire-extinguishing balls.

Essentially, it works like a fire extinguisher that instantly blows up and spread extinguishing substances when tossed into the flames, instantly suppressing the fire. It’s so fast, like blowing out a candle.

You can make use of the ball by tossing it into the flames or submissively use it by just leaving it placed in the proper high-risk region where the majority of fires will probably commence: it will self-activate upon attaining the proper temperature and eradicate the fire.

In the video below, you will see how to use the Elide fire-extinguishing balls. You simply throw a ball the flames and boom, fire goes out.