They Finally Created a Bacon Scarf

Fou Lard Bacon Scarf

This innovative bacon scarf has triggered a massive wave of interest online. The Fou Lard Bacon Scarf is a lavish soft silk scarf that is coated in a realistic bacon print. It is just about the most realistic bacon art print we have seen so far. It looks like an actual large slice of bacon made out of the tummy of a large pig that, in some way, seems to appear to be a totally regular scarf when used.

Created by Swiss designer and artist Natalie Luder, the Scarf is quite a large bit of garment. It is 100 % silk, so it is thin enough that you could retract it, knot it, and also bundle it without winding up with an unmanageable pile twisted around your neck. Luder used electronic digital printing technological innovation to dedicate that realistic bacon print, with folded black ends that truly enhance the cured meat look. [Purchase]

Fou Lard Bacon Scarf 2


Fou Lard Bacon Scarf 3

Fou Lard Bacon Scarf 4