The Tesla Suit – Vitrual Reality Sensory Suit

Tesla suitTesla Studios lately proclaimed that it has designed a full-body suit which will provide the user a sensory encounter to suit the optical encounters available nowadays by means of virtual reality cordless headsets. Known as the Tesla suit, it built on neuro-muscular electric power stimulation technological innovation also employed in medical treatment, electrotherapy and specialist sports to provide both tactile enticement as well as temperature command.

The suit features a mesh of indicators which include as much as 52 channels to induce impressions in the skin through little electrical signals. The firm claims that it can mimic those diverse sensory encounters as contact, water, wind, cold, heat, and force. For example, the user can sense a hot summer wind or the abrupt impact of a bullet.

The firm feels there is an array of possible software such as gaming, health, virtual dating, sports/fitness, scientific research, training, human behavior, technology, and real-life demonstrations.

The Tesla Suit