The Loop Family Friendly Drone

The Loop Family Friendly Drone 1
Presenting The Loop Drone – The world’s first family drone, giving an expert level performance for all the family members. The Loop is designed for people who want to take pleasure in the drone experience with as little time and effort as possible.

The Loop is considered the world’s first consumer level drone that is definitely particularly aimed at the family market by specializing in present day family values, as guaranteed by XenoSky CMO Anthony Spicer.

Present day families are quite pragmatic, and signify the center of their company values of transportability, usefulness, sharing and enjoyment. They produced The Loop to provide functions that include these values.

Obviously, The Loop will support almost all well-known features present in many consumer drones out there like GPS Shadowing, Return-to-Home, and Hot-Point Patrolling, but also features XenoSky ‘Family’ pack.

The Family Pack offers all you need to guarantee wonderful drone experiences, including the drone with its own slimline case, a 4K action camera, a portable gimbal, and their own superview FPV Goggles.


The Loop Family Friendly Drone 2

The Loop Family Friendly Drone 3

The Loop Family Friendly Drone 4