The Extraordinary 82ft-tall Hotel Aquarium with an Elevator

AquadomIf you’re an enthusiast of aquariums, here is the one that you haven’t seen before and will surely amaze you. The astonishing AquaDom can be found within a Radisson Blu hotel in the beautiful city of Berlin, within Sea Life Berlin. Standing at 82 feet high that contains more than one million liters of water, it is known to be the biggest round tank on the planet.

Probably the most remarkable section of the destination is that visitors can take an elevator that runs throughout the center of the tank, providing them with a wonderful chance to see thousands of underwater creatures.aquadom elevator

Not just that, but guests can observe regular feeds every 2 pm and witness 8kg being offered to the AquaDom’s aquarium creatures.Aquadom diver

Cleaning the aquarium is no easy task however, and requires to be completed by scuba divers 3 or 4 times a day. The outstanding water tank was constructed by the Union Investment Real Estate GmbH and it was finished in 2004.

The project didn’t come cheap and cost an astonishing €12.8 million (£9 million). And it’s also not just the massive aquarium which attracts marine-lovers towards the hotel. Underneath the AquaDom are numerous other water points of interest together with a walk-through underwater tube and an entertaining rockpool.

Aquadom 2

Aquadom 3