The Camping Doughnut Wrap Around Tunnel Tent

The Camping DoughnutThe Camping Doughnut is an idea produced by Sungha Lim, Hyumook Lim and Han Kim, who are college students at Yong In University. This tent is unique because of its adaptability. You may choose to make it both an “I” shape or even a “C” shape. The “I” shape form gives you a traditional-looking tent that is fairly wide  While the “C” shape is a good idea for safety from the wind and also enables you to have a bit of a cove for campfires or simply hanging around.The Camping Doughnut 2

Making use of 2 tents provides you with even more possibilities. When you bring 2 jointly, it is possible to build either an “S” shape or even an “O” shape for the supreme doughnut encounter. An “S” shape generates 2 split compartments for whatever objective you might need while an “O” shape hinders out the wind completely and produces a comfy pop-up yard.

The Camping Doughnut 4

The Camping Doughnut 3