Tertill Solar-powered Weeding Robot

Tertill Solar-powered Weeding Robot 1

Tertill is a robot whose sole objective is to track down weeds and pluck it out. As soon as it is let loose in your yard, it will move around the entire property every day, weeding out any unwanted plants it runs into in the process. Basically, it’s a Garden Roomba!

The Tertill doesn’t understand how to distinguish between grass and grown plants. Rather, it functions on the idea that you’ve formerly weeded the yard currently, so any grass that develops will be petite and newly-sprouted. Any plant in your garden that’s short enough for the machine to drive over is believed to be a weed that it will destroy with impunity. Therefore, if you have any baby plants around the garden, you might want to secure it with a buffer (any small fence-like framework), like the “plant collars” (cable barriers) included in the robot.

Built with sensors, the robot can identify when there’s a large plant in its route, at which stage it will rapidly change directions. In contrast to cleaning robots, it doesn’t include a recharging hub. Rather, it features a built-in solar panel that feeds ample power to the integrated battery to have it operating day-after-day. And, yes, it is weather resistant so that you can put it in the backyard exclusively.

Tertill Solar-powered Weeding Robot 2

Tertill Solar-powered Weeding Robot 3