Teqball Combines Soccer and Ping Pong

TeqballSo what can you obtain when you blend Ping pong and Soccer and throw in a touch of technology? The correct answer is Teqball, a habit-forming new sports activity that’s gaining popularity every day. The game requires the bouncing of a ball between competitors, off an extremely advanced table made to keep elements fair.
Created by a UK-based start-up firm with global origins, Teqball is part soccer training device, part aggressive table sport and part crossbreed game. The fringe sport utilizes a football and a unique table that the firm calls the Teqboard.

Teqball is a brand new game, and device, that’s basically the mixture of two Olympic sports. On the table tennis aspect, you receive a two-sided table that has a “net” which can be folded away to rehearse solo. On the Soccer side, you receive the ball, absolutely no hand contact and sweet headers. Therefore yeah, you’re actively playing table tennis on a steep table with a soccer ball and also honing your soccer skills.