Tepui SkyCamp – Set Up Rooftop Tents Without a Car

Tepui SkyCamp 1

Tepui SkyCamp is a framework designed to keep one tent on top. It allows you to install a rooftop tent without a vehicle around. It is perfect if you want to install a shelter in the yard for “glamping” with the children or perhaps, you are a vineyard operator who wants to build an inexpensive room for visitors during the summer season. Or maybe you’re a holiday resort owner with clients who wish to slumber under the stars occasionally. Whatever the situation, this thing allows you to do just that.

The framework sets the guests on a camping tent around 6 feet above the terrain, with the room underneath creating a perfect area for putting together a picnic table along with the structure’s rails assisting as practical seating. It is, necessarily, a treehouse with neither a tree nor a real house – simply a tent over a wooden framework that you may set up at any place within your property.

The wooden composition, incidentally, is created from Douglas fir and delivered unassembled. You will find no particulars on what type of work you will need to put in, but from the appearance of it, all the wood was initially cut to slot into each part flush throughout setup, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. Yes, you will possibly want to drive some nails in it just to be sure the structures don’t come off while you’re relaxing in the tent. Everyone, by the way, features a telescoping step ladder that stretches to a max length of 8.5 feet.


Tepui SkyCamp 2

Tepui SkyCamp 3

Tepui SkyCamp 4