Tannus Tubeless Solid Bike Tires Won’t Go Flat Ever

Tannus tireTannus Tyres are just like no other bike tire in the world. Being reliable, a Tannus tubeless tire can endure anything that would usually stop you flat with an air-driven tire, broken glass, nails, and random razor-sharp metal objects. This particular tire is totally lacking any inter tube, and possesses a solid layout. The trademarked Aither technology that produces 100% of this solid tire is a technically engineered super substance, that whilst being incredibly resistant against wear and the surroundings, it still offers comfort, reduces moving resistance, and offers unprecedented protection for your bike. These types of tires are a bit lighter weight than most of the typical bike tires available on the market, which will shed excess weight out of your bicycle rides.Tannus tire 4

Tannus tire 2

Tannus tire 3