Tailgater Tire Table Folding

Tailgater Tire Table Folding 1

The Tailgater Tire Table is a portable folding table that utilizes your car’s tires as its primary support for keeping upright, letting you have a helpful table with minimal materials. Its design enables it to fold into an incredibly modest heap (29 x 23 x 1.5 inches), making sure it requires up little mroom in the trunk of your vehicle.

The Tailgater Tire Table connects to the top of your tire (that’s around 14 inches or larger) with one roll up leg on the outer edge helping as supplementary support that you can either put upright on the terrain or wedge onto the bottom of the tire. This means not only can you utilize this with any of the vehicle’s 4 tires, the device can be setup on the spare tire that’s installed on the back of an SUV, too. It is seriously stable, with the capacity to support 50 lbs of weight. Construction is tough steel with a powder-coated finishing, ensuring it can endure any kind of weather condition.


Tailgater Tire Table Folding 2

Tailgater Tire Table Folding 3