Survival Shelters by Atlas


Even though most natural and man-made disasters are possible to predict and minimize its consequences, major tragedies still have been seen over years.  A disaster is an unexpected calamity and extra measures must be taken. If you fear future disasters, you probably have already considered back-up plans for emergencies to protect your loved ones, then you need to own one of these Atlas Survival Shelters.

An American Company that has been making Bomb Shelters during the Cold War builds underground survival shelters for natural or man-made disasters. Transported by flat-bed semi-truck, the round corrugated pipe shelters get buried 20-feet underground. This modern interior designed Atlas Survival Shelter is assembled with an air filtration system, Co2 air scrubbers and solar panels. In addition, it includes blast doors, sleeping quarters, kitchen, bathroom, and all relevant room for survival. You also won’t be trapped in case trespassers insists in breaking in. The shelter won’t be ripped and rusted. If you want to protect your loved ones, share this shelter with them. You’ll never know when you need it most.