Survival Paracord Shaped as a Grenade

M-550 Pro Paracord Survival GrenadeSurfCity Paracord’s M550 Pro seems like a dangerous explosive, but this is really a survival tool filled with helpful items to help you stay alive in the outdoors. The pack has a compass, matches, blades, fishing hooks and line, a wire saw, a flashlight, and a lot more, all included inside a paracord shell. It features 26 helpful survival tools to let you survive in the wild. Its lightweight size makes it easy to transport in your car or cling on your backpack, or just place it in your drawer at home. If you love adventure and the outdoors, you need the M550 Pro as your trusted survival kit by your side- it’s a comprehensive pack that doesn’t consume a lot of space. [Purchase]

Surf City Paracrod survival grenade