Super 73 Scout eBike

Super 73 Scout eBike 2

Lithium Cycles, producers of the all-terrain Super 73 e-bike, are here again with the hottest version of their style, the Super 73 Scout eBike. The more economical Super 73 Scout is available in two standalone, more stripped down variations of their earlier model, but the overall features and operation stay the same. You will still get huge fat tires capable of dealing with almost any landscape with an engine to power down the road or up a hill and several levels of pedal aid to help on the way. The Scout is olive green with a motor active at 800 watts of maximum power, an excellent speed of 18mph along with a range of 20+ miles. The last one, Scout “Rose Ave.” (created in partnership with Jesse Wellens) is available in matte black with red accents, features 1050 watts of optimum power and may reach 20mph with a range of 40+ miles. The two bikes are presently up for pre-order with an anticipated transport date in December.

Super 73 Scout eBike 3

Super 73 Scout eBike 4

Super 73 Scout eBike 5