Steer Wearable Driving Aid

Steer Wearable Driving Aid 1

Steer Wearable Driving Aid is a wearable tool that snaps down on your arm to keep tabs on your sleepiness level, which enables it to identify whenever you are susceptible to falling asleep while driving. When it does, it tries to bring you back to alertness by transmitting an electric shock, basically turning into an alarm of sorts to make sure you’re highly awake to drive.

Steer makes use of several 16 sensors that gauge your heart rate and skin conductance, much like those utilized in polygraph equipment. When initially turned on, the gadget will document your standard rate  for those two conditions throughout the first moment, which it utilizes as the baseline to ascertain whether you’re getting lightheaded, falling asleep, or working normally. Following that, it will execute a check every 2 seconds, making sure it will always sense when you are beginning to get woozy just in time to dispatch you a caution.

When you’re beginning to get drowsy, it activates the tool to vibrate emphatically while switching on a yellow LED light. In case that doesn’t quite wake you up as well as your heart rate additionally slips while your skin conductance dips too, it will then deliver a mild electric shock to shock you directly into an awake condition.

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