Steel Mace Personal Fitness Tool


Achieve your best shape with the Steel Mace Personal Fitness Tool from Set for Set. Its concept is based on a warfare weapon in the 13th century by the Persian and Hindu warriors. This personal fitness tool comes in two weight options: 15 and 20 pounds.

The Steel Mace holds most of its heaviness in the ball head. As a result of this, it creates an off-balance weight distribution for the user to maneuver. Designed to produce a total body workout as you move the Steel Mace from your arms to your core and through your legs.

Furthermore, this weight tool also helps the user to improve rotational strength. It features a 100% steel composition and a full black matte powder coat along with a knurled grip handle. Just the same as its iconic warfare weapon concept, the Steel Mace Personal Fitness Tool is virtually indestructible. Purchase now for $67.95 USD only.