StatGear BitzBlade 2.0 – 26 Functions In a Tactical Pen Tool

StatGear BitzBlade 2.0 2

Similar to its earlier model, the tactical multi-tool incorporates a window breaker, exchangeable driver bits, along with a utility blade. Also, they’ve included a LED light, a hex wrench, a pry bar, a scraper, and a bottle opener to boost its list of features thoroughly.

The StatGear BitzBlade 2.0 eliminates the eyehole from the initial design, since, let’s face it, this thing is too large to include in your key fob just like conventional keychain devices. Rather, it now includes a durable nylon pouch, that allows you to hold the primary tool, together with all the swappable pieces and accessories.

It keeps the same overall design as its first version, making use of a round figure that can separate into two parts, to help you use the other half to conceal the blade. You can access the window breaker on the tip, as well as the bit holder on the other end, with the tip that covers the bit holder bearing the LED light, which features a set of coin batteries. The window breaker, incidentally, makes use of a tungsten carbide tip to guarantee it can certainly shatter glass windows whenever the need for it occurs.

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