Stash Cooler Inflatable Rigid Ice Box

Stash Cooler Inflatable Rigid Ice Box

The big selling point of soft coolers over solid ones is that the former can pack right into a compact size once you use its contents. Meaning, you can just stick it inside a handbag or the glovebox, rather than having to take up additional space in the back of your vehicle. The Stash Cooler provides a more flexible option.

The inflatable cooler ice box can retract down just like any soft cooler when not being used, all while blowing up into a firm cooler once stacked with air. Yes, it’s firm, much like how SUPs become stiff once filled (drop stitching around the air compartments generate a solid surface), enabling you to use it like any regular ice box.

The Stash Cooler is available in 8 sizes, which range from 75 to 600 quarts, making sure there’s an appropriate option whether you’re taking a cooler to a small event or a big fishing journey. It offers a shell cut in UV-protected vinyl fabric, guaranteeing it can endure both rough handling and bad weather, while Primaloft artificial down and reflective components offer the required insulating material to keep its contents frosty. A YKK zipper runs the whole length of the cooler’s rim, letting you totally zip the cover shut, while several handles let you carry the cooler in various ways.

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