Sondors Electric Fat Tire Bike


Electric bikes aren’t created just for delivery guys nowadays. New models are sleek and cool, with a modern style in every shape and size, and made more affordable.  In fact, this is the most affordable e-bike on the market at the moment. E-bikes are great alternatives for gas-guzzling automobiles. The Sondors Electric Bike is known for its cool looks and affordable price. It’s built to deal with any riding surface, featuring a 350 watt brushless motor, reaching top speed of 20 mph, all-terrain bike tires, and can reach a 50 miles maximum range with its high-capacity battery. Other available options include a high-performance durable lightweight aluminum structure and a front suspension fork which shock-absorbing providing perfect handling and a lot more comfy ride.



sondors e bike 1

sondors e bike 2