ThermalTech Solar Powered Smart Jacket

ThermalTech Solar Powered Smart Jacket 4

Labeled the world’s very first solar powered smart clothing, ThermalTech Solar Powered Smart Jacket is composed of fabrics produced from stainless yarn. This advanced yarn can soak up light from either the sun or artificial light bulbs, enabling the jackets to function inside the house or out, throughout the day and as soon as the sun has set.

When activated with a light supply, the ThermalTech material can require just 2 minutes to produce heating that is 18 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the outside climate. While it won’t snug you totally in freezing weather, it will increase sufficient body heat to keep users comfy and protected.

The ThermalTech jackets are fully water-repellent, which makes it the best outfit to wear during snowboarding, hiking on a snowy mountain, or even strolling around a freezing climate.

As a result of the smart tech material, the jackets are light in weight and breathable, having users at ease then layering up with chunky garments to retain warm. [Purchase]


ThermalTech Solar Powered Smart Jacket 3