SmithFly Shoal Tent Raft – Now You Can Sleep on the Lake

SmithFly Shoal Tent 1


The Shoal Tent combines a tent and an inflatable raft to provide you with a floating refuge in the water. It is not a tent that you may toss onto any raft. Instead, it is a fully-assembled system that brings together the two components as one object. Therefore, you can keep the entire thing in one bag the whole time it is placed in your storage room or the trunk of your vehicle, making sure it is possible to bring it when you choose to check out the local lake for a short rest.

You don’t have to pitch a camping tent like standard traditional tents either.  The frame inflates and instantly forms the tent while you fill the raft with air. Anyone can just do it so long as you know how to utilize an air pump. The raft measures 8 x 8 feet when fully inflated, so you’ll have enough floor room inside to sleep around two people.

The tent can endure high winds without any difficulties, so your hutch will stay up even on breezy nights. The raft, alternatively, will likely go anywhere the wind blows, so always keep track of how it’s running or just tie it down to an object that can keep it in proximity to the shore.

SmithFly Shoal Tent 2

SmithFly Shoal Tent 3

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