SipaBoard Smart Self-Inflating Electric Stand-up Paddleboard

Smart Self-Inflating Stand-up Paddleboard 2


SipaBoard is an electric powered self-inflating stand-up paddle board which keeps you out there enjoying the water even longer without much effort.

Forget about the difficulties of a tricky stand-up board, it won’t consume a space on your garage, and no roof rack is needed. SipaBoard combines the convenience of storage typical among other inflatable boards, but yet nullifies the inconvenience of inflating the board, given it self-inflates with SipaDrive, a brushless electric powered jet motor. It will take roughly 5 minutes to pump up to the self-regulated air pressure. It features its carry bag or perhaps just throw it in a backpack. It boasts a durable double-layered PVC as its primary material. The board’s outer layers become as inflexible as a hard-bodied board when pumped yet stay easy to fold up.

The SipaDrive is what differentiates SipaBoard from the set. It sits nicely into the center of the board, along with the intake at the base is protected with mesh to avoid particles or fish getting drawn in. Given that it’s electric — driven by a standard rechargeable battery — you won’t deposit any harmful pollutants behind, and SipaBoard’s practically silent, which means you won’t scare creatures and make the most out of the adventure, even in protected regions.

Smart Self-Inflating Stand-up Paddleboard 1