Shaddai Mega Yacht

Shaddai Mega YachtAn Italian developer has created an intense concept that is designed to bring superyachts to groundbreaking heights. ┬áThe Shaddai Mega Yacht is termed after a Hebrew word which means God or omnipotent, which you will definitely feel as you stay in the owner’s cabin infinity swimming pool 125 feet in mid-air. Down below this exclusive perch is a primary deck with an additional infinity pool, which has a see-through bottom that turns into the roof of the 300 sq meter beach club. It provides lots of room for family and friends while guaranteeing privacy for the owner, and will definitely be the center of attention no matter where you decide to dock it.

Shaddai Mega Yacht 2

Shaddai Mega Yacht 3

Shaddai Mega Yacht 4