Sea Doo Underwater SeaScooter

Diving enthusiasts should be super excited with Sea-Doo’s newest product, called the SeaScooter. This robotic chauffeur for diving expeditions is built to ease your scuba diving experiences.

Basically, SeaScooter is a battery powered personal underwater propeller. It uses Lithium ION battery in a lightweight design that can easily be removed for external charging and replaced for subsequent dives. Upon submersion, the holes throughout the vehicle enable water to go in and out simultaneously which is helpful to assume neutral buoyancy. To achieve this instant neutral buoyancy, it comes with a self-propulsion device that contains a self-filling ballast hull. It’s created from impact resistant components, and SeaScooter can power through underwater for up to 4 miles per hour.

It’s also specially equipped with ergonomic triggers for easy handling and includes LED battery level indicator in a dashboard-style to let you know how much of the 90-minute battery life is used up.