Scottevests Cotton Hoodie 19 Pockets

Scottevests Cotton Hoodie 19 Pockets 1


COTTeVest Hoodie Cotton, a seemingly normal-looking hoodie, discreetly includes a ridiculous amount of storage space. While the initial model has ten pockets, this current design knocks that up to a maximum of 19, enabling you to hold a good load of equipment without needing to lug a backpack around.

Those storage compartments on the SCOTTeVest Hoodie Cotton involve one that is massive enough to keep a full-sized iPad, a medium sized pocket to keep an iPad Mini, several smaller sized pockets to contain one smartphone each, one to fit a, along with a tall-but-narrow one for holding a water bottle.

Those are smaller pouches sized to secure pens, memory cards, car keys, wallets, and passports, in addition to regular hand pockets. A clean area at the collar allows you to keep your earbuds within quick reach, as a pull-down flap on the hood enables you to cover your face with an eye mask if you need to catch a nap.


Scottevests Cotton Hoodie 19 Pockets 2

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