Samsung’s Ultrawide 49-Inch Curved Monitor

Samsung’s 49-Inch Curved Monitor 2

Curved screens might not be the most perfect either for TVs or workplace displays. However, in regards to video gaming, you can’t dispute the benefits of a wide and curved screen, as it surrounds the person with an unforgettable view of the action. So far as curved displays for gamers go, it just might be impossible to top the innovative Samsung Ultrawide 49-Inch Curved Monitor.

Instead of a broad and tall platform like productivity screens that measure 40-inches and more, Samsung’s Ultra-Wide monitor features a full profile which allows it to cover your whole field of view. The QLED panel offers a dual full Hi-def resolution along with a 32:9 aspect ratio, as a 1,800R curvature guarantees the whole screen edges into your peripheral sight while you sit front and center. Given that this is primarily a gaming display, it brings a 144Hz refresh rate and 4-channel scanning, together with service for AMD’s Radeon FreeSync 2.

Features include a 20-step black equalizer for modifying game displays to any intensity level, HDR framework, and a back-mounted lighting that reacts to actual game sound.


Samsung’s 49-Inch Curved Monitor 3

Samsung’s 49-Inch Curved Monitor 1