Riese Muller Packster Cargo Bike

Riese Muller Packster Cargo Bike 1

Built with a specialized cargo bay up front, Riese Muller Packster Cargo Bike enables you to keep a close eye on whatever you are carrying, whether it is several large bags of food, items for your mad scientist lab, or bags of dirt for your garden chore.

The cargo part, incidentally, can be utilized bare (it is built to pile standard Euro-pallet containers) or equipped with numerous cargo boxes. There is even one made to securely transport your children and can sit up to two small children.

The Packster brings together a rigid structure and a low gravity center feature to reduce jitter throughout riding, regardless of how much payload you’re transporting. Since driving with a large haul will tire your legs, the bicycle comes with Bosch Performance engines, which can drive the bike to a speed up to 15 mph. There is also a low-speed model that boost pedal power by an impressive 300%. They come in 2 dimensions, hydraulic disc brakes, a frame lock that makes the bicycle stationary and LED headlamps.

Riese Muller Packster Cargo Bike 2

Riese Muller Packster Cargo Bike 3