Revols Custom Fit Wireless Earphones

CUSTOM-FIT WIRELESS EARPHONESThe trouble with earphones is they slide out of your ears with the simplest of motion much to the disappointment of the person acquiring them.

Revols desires to replace that. Boasted as the “first Fast Custom-Fit Cordless Earphones that form to the distinct form of your ears in just 60 seconds,” the manufacturer has introduced a Kickstarter marketing campaign with the objective of having its earphones into the ears of as much customer as they can.

Revols Custom Fit Wireless Earphones guarantees to attain its one-size-fits-all, custom-fitting headset mold with an associated app for its item. Based on the minds behind the technological innovation, all customers need to do is download the app and push the start button on it to switch on the molding method.

You would have thought that this would have been invented a long time ago!

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