RevoLights – Turn Signal for Bike Wheels

Revolights 1

It’s fun riding your bicycle at night, but we all know it has some dangers given that it’s dark and there are some negligent motorists.¬†With the modern Revolights app, you may switch the lights on and off on the road — helpful if you’re departing the office with your hands full — and have them established to turn on instantly at a particular time, or at any time the sun is about to drop.

The lights are connected to the wheels by means of 4 big, round rings — 2 on the front, two on the back — which break onto the spokes. Every wheel has 24 evenly spread LEDs which light up at some point with your driving utilizing data from a fork-mounted magnet and built-in accelerometer. This will keep a smooth, constant ray on both wheels and also activates a number of fast red flashes any time you smack the brakes.

Revolights 2