Retro Fighters N64 Controller

Retro Fighters N64 Controller 1

A substitute video controller for the N64, this gadget revises the triple-grip layout of 1996 original, swapping it with a much more modern dual grip for an added natural experience. The Retro Fighters Nintendo 64 Controller additionally includes a modified gamepad structure that moves the analog stick to the outer left corner (much like the Xbox controller design) and puts the course pad right below it. This way, you can keep your hand covered around the left grip when using either control, considerably simplifying the way you make use of the gamepad throughout the play.

All the motion buttons on the right-hand part are kept, together with the Start key at the middle, even though they put in previously inaccessible Turbo and Clear control keys on the left and right-hand region, correspondingly. Behind the shoulder keys now lay a couple of Z triggers that are bigger than the one on the backside of the initial controller, letting you handle the trigger utilizing either hand. Essentially, it’s the old video controller mashed up with a few of the widely used modern versions.

The Retro Fighters Nintendo 64 Controller makes use of the latest analog stick, incidentally, so this needs to be as comfy as those on the Xbox One and also PS4 gamepads, as the D-pad removes every potential dead zone, making sure it offers a high level of comprehension throughout the fast-paced play. Other elements use contemporary elements, too, so this will play along with any modern video controller.

Retro Fighters N64 Controller 2

Retro Fighters N64 Controller 3