Repulsor Ultra Powerful Wearable Flashlight

Usually, a flashlight would be great for a few meters visibility, but this amazing light goes well beyond that. Repulsor Ultra Powerful Wearable Flashlights offers a full luminous flux of 7911 lumens which is one of highest in existing flashlights. There are two function settings with one delivering 200 meters range and the other with 500 meters range. Seeing this will put my automobile lights to shame without a doubt. This flashlight possesses a beam angle of over 60 degrees to be sure you don’t have even an inch if black space in front of you.

This flashlight is perfect for individuals that demand clear and sharp lighting while going out in pitch black darkness. The manufacturer also wants the design to be just as remarkable to its outstanding performance. In comparison to other flashlights, this item connects to the trouser/jeans and provides you with hands-free ease and comfort.

The wearable design is perfect for search and rescue operations and perhaps even useful at times should you need it with your motorbike or bicycle, giving you high-visibility for both you and oncoming traffic.

It also has a unique feature that will let you charge your devices such a mobile phone whenever emergency power is needed.


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