R2 D2 Remote Control Robot Fridge Brings You Beer

Are you a Star Wars fan who wants a cool geeky item for your house? You might need this full-scale R2-D2 mini fridge with a maneuvering head and blinking lights. These are not packed with an intelligent AI and also it will not show holograms… but they can keep your beer cold AND even deliver it to you as you watch “Netflix and chill”.

Presenting the one and only Remote Control R2 D2 Remote Control Robot Fridge designed by AQUA that will surely surprise your visitors at home. It utilizes most of the sound effects, lights, and motions from R2-D2, the helpful droid we have known and also adore in the Star Wars world. The refrigerator holds as much as 12 cans inside its casing, giving you the ability to regulate it with a remote device. Therefore, if you’re relaxing on the sofa, or stuck under something weighty, it is possible to simply grab the remote and drive the little white and blue buddy right to you for a rejuvenating drink. Also check out the Remote Controlled Tailgating Cooler.
R2D2 Remote Control Mini Fridge

r2 d2 fridge beer