Quiet Punch – Portable Boxing Gym For Any Doorway

Quiet Punch 1

If you are a health enthusiast or someone who wants to start a healthy routine at home or in the office, you might be interested with Quiet Punch. It’s portable gym equipment which you can use to practice your hooks, jabs, crosses, and uppercuts without installing a cumbersome heavy bag.

You no longer need to set up a cylindrical punching bag from the ceiling of your house. Its design allows you to temporarily install it on doorways like pull-up bars and suspension trainers.

The Quiet Punch is a square punching bag which features resistance bands to keep it in place with a set of telescoping bars anchoring it to the doorway. It snaps back every time you punch then quickly goes back to its position. The materials used are open-cell foam, plastic, and closed-cell foam layers. It features an excellent surface for your fists while allowing minimal noise in every punch.



Quiet Punch 2

Quiet Punch 3

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