Prodrone Dual Robotic Arm Drone

The Japanese drone developer Prodrone has unveiled the first massive drone equipped with two robotic arms. Featuring 6 propellers, the PD6B-AW-ARM can get to altitudes of above 16,404 feet, speeds up to 37 mph, and can operate even in strong winds of up to 22 mph. Prodrone Dual Robotic Arm Drone can also work under all climate conditions and is waterproof.

What makes it really cool is its clawed arms – which provide this medium-size unmanned chopper the ability to finish a number of otherwise difficult tasks. It can transport a max load of around 22 lbs for an air time of around 30 minutes. When not carrying a load, it features the ability to execute several “hands-on” tasks, like cutting cables, switching dials, rotating switches, transferring harmful materials, etc. Also, it can do so at elevation, over long ranges, or in areas that would usually be too dangerous for individuals. Prodrone exhibited their product at the International Drone Conference and Exposition 2016, but they have yet to publicize when this gadget will go up for sale.