Predator Motorcycle Helmet

PREDATOR BERSERKER HELMETYou’ll never appear as mighty or awesome on the highway as you will putting on the Predator Berserker Helmet. It’s unusual style actually causes it to be just as secure if not safer than almost every street motorcycle helmet as it will get a lot of attention.

The Predator Berserker Helmet was created to pack a Bluetooth headset and a motion digital camera, so that you can take pleasure in hearing your jams, speaking on the phone or talking with other drivers by means of radio intercom.

NLO-MOTO has developed a motorcycle helmet that models Predator, including 17 tough dense dreads composed of foamed latex. It provides better visibility compared to non-original Predator helmets from other producers. Each helmet can be geared up with Fangs of Predator, with 7 various types of fangs offered, and the helmet will be embossed with real scars, and as much as 3 columns of icons on the top.